Build a Solar Generator, Solar Heating & Food Dryer


Build a gasless solar generator, design & build a solar heating system, make a solar food dryer & gain self-reliance

是否想让太阳能成为生活的一部分?现在,很多人都有这种感觉。谁不想用自己制作的便携式设备从阳光下静静地发电?还是设计和建造太阳能加热系统?还是一个太阳能食品烘干机,可以让您干燥水果和蔬菜来保存它们?GETTING STARTED WITH SOLARis a three-course plans-and-videos package that’s guaranteed to help people just like you build solar self-reliance into your life.

快速定义:太阳能发电机产生的直流和交流电力without the noise, fumes, and gasoline of a generator. A solar heating system heats your home and domestic hot water using a simple solar collector. A solar food dryer preserves fruits, vegetables and meats without electricity or canning? This course package teaches you how to make all this stuff with your own hands.




* Choose, buy and connect reliable, off-the-shelf components to create a portable solar generator that’s better than what you can buy from stores. You’ll enjoy your own portable DC and AC power when the grid goes down.

* Five videos, plans, instructions and specific component buying recommendations.






* You’ll learn the best ways to use evacuated tube solar collectors to harvest heat energy for your home in any climate. This system produces 180ºF water even when outdoor temperatures drop below 0ºF.

* Clear, detailed schematic plans that let you custom-build your own system to suit your home.

*如何用光伏面板直接用太阳能电力加热水 - 无需管道,泵和阀门。小房子和建筑物的理想选择。

* How to choose and connect pumps, pipes and components for solar space heating and hot water production.


Course#3: Building a High-Performance Solar Food Dryer






* Instructions for building all four main parts of the solar food dryer: the collector frame, the drying frames, the base frame and the angled support frame.


I’m Steve Maxwell, course creator and award-winning how-to building instructor.My articles have appeared regularly in publications like Canadian Contractor, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Homes & Cottages magazine and many others since 1988. I’m also a designer and builder myself, and I’ve been teaching people to succeed in all things practical for 30+ years.

我的课程后面没有大公司,只有我(史蒂夫),我的相机人(罗伯特),我的制图员(Len)和布局设计师(Amy)。我的团队可能很小,但我们的目标是创建世界上最好的,最详细的动手操作方法。下载GETTING STARTED WITH SOLAR课程包装整整90天。如果您不完全快乐,请告诉我。我将退还您的钱,您可以保留课程。整个交易对您来说是完全无风险的。我认为所有风险

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